Gregory Taylor - Artist, songwriter, musician: A Miami, FL native has been writing songs since his college days.Taylor's writing style encompasses rock, jazz, blues and folk. His jazzy, bluesy piano style mixed with his rock/folk style guitar make for a distinctive sound. Taylor's first album Nomad - (BMI ) was released in 1988, Red Hawk Flying - (ASCAP) released on CD in 1998, Variable Lost in 2002, In The Flow (piano improvisations) in 2002, Alone In My Room in 2012, Love Machine in 2015 and Frenetic Euphoria - Lost In Time in 2012. Bands that Taylor has played with include Lost Theory, Funky Junk, Delta 9, Moving Currents, the Inkspots (Greg Carroll) and Frenetic Euphoria, along with solo performances. Taylor has a publishing company, Infinite Limits Publishing, and is a member of ASCAP. He also does graphic design, web site design, demo recording and engineering, and woodworking.

Phone: 828-773-1977

CD's for sale:
Love Machine
Alone In My Room
Variable Lost
In The Flow
Red Hawk Flying
Lost In Time


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